Imagine yourself being out in nature on a trail for a day long hike. You started early in the morning and saw nature waking up. The sun rose, burning away the fog between the trees and warming up the atmosphere. The birds slowly opened their eyes, blinked a few times and started to welcome the new day with a few careful chirps in preparation for a full serenade. You enjoy the events which unfold themselves as if it were a movie. After a few hours the sun is shining at full power, warming up your body and providing you with new energy. The throats of the birds have warmed up and they are singing as if it was their last day they would be able to create beautiful tunes. Each with it’s own unique sound which, combined with the whispering of the leaves moving in the wind, create a beautiful and unique symphony.
It is a perfect day and you enjoy every single moment. Each curve of the path seems to reveal an even more beautiful vista compared to the ones your have seen already. Halfway the trail you go through a hairpin turn and are suddenly facing a part of the trail which meanders steeply uphill through the trees via a slippery path. A gust of panic goes through your mind. What do to do? Turn around, go back the same route and not being able to finish the trail and enjoy its beautiful vistas. Take very small well planned and placed steps to get through this part of the trail? Use the trees as support and move from one tree to the other pulling yourself up the hill. Do you try to find a way which gets you past this part of the trail via a different and may be longer route. Or ..... do you come up for other alternatives that help you to conquer this obstacle.
Depending on your motivation and state of mind you will select the best option suited for that moment. Every option has its pros and cons. Turning back for instance means you will miss the remainder of the trail but are sure you will be able to make it safely back to the starting point of the trail. Continuing on the trail means the possibility of an injury or a longer hiking time. But having conquered the slippery path will give your confidence a boast, make you proud of yourself and enables you to enjoy and explore the remainder of the trail. Every option to conquer this or other obstacles on your hike will offer you important lessons and new insights about yourself which can be useful during the rest of the trail or future trails. 
How can you apply the learnings from this story to the obstacles you face on your trail of life?