Clearing your mind.
By removing negative and unnecessary thoughts you create space in your mind so you have room for fresh, new and may be powerful ideas or thoughts which helps you to grow and move forward in life.
Details and outlines.
Details and outlines are equally important, it depends on the situations what is best to look at.
Getting stuck in life or unsure about what to do as a next step? A book may seem to hold the answer but in some, if not most, cases, the answer is within ourselves. We only need to find it. What is your way to do this? Meditation, mindfulness, taking a break, coaching, or another method?
Behind the clouds.
There is a saying: the sun always shines behind the clouds. Keep this saying in mind whenever you feel depressed or if your are facing a or are stuck with a difficult situation. Clouds will finally be gone so you can feel the warm sunshine on your face.
Do you always trust your first impression of a situation and respond accordingly? Sometimes you may need to look, explore and rethink or adjust this based on what you see before you act or respond. You may discover more details which help you to take a better decision, form a better idea/opinion or change your initial point-of-view making your response more empathic.
Free or restricted?
How free is your mind? Is it locked in all kinds of patterns and routines similar to the space created by walls of an office with restrict your movement, or is it free like a bird in the sky being able to go where it wants to?
To only way to see what is beyond the horizon is to start moving. This also applies to daily live.
Open space.
Living in cities with lots of people and ever increasing traffic generates a lot of input for your brain which is therefor constantly alert and active. This will most likely stop new thoughts or creative ideas. How do you give your brain a break? One possible solution is taking a walk in the open space of nature. Try it and observe how your brain becomes more relaxed with every step you take while enjoying the peace, quietness, sounds and smells of the nature around you.
No words. Simply observe, enjoy the silence and discover the beauty nature has to offer.
Millions of pebbles.
Like a beach has a huge number of pebbles, live has a huge amount of choices. Sometimes they are easy but there will always be more difficult ones. For instance a choice which has an impact on your future. How do you make the right choice? Use your imagination and try to visualise your live after you have made a choice. Do you like what you see, feel and may be hear and smell?
What's next?
Getting stuck and not knowing what to do? Get up and walk a bit or focus on your breath for a few moments. This will enable the brain to relax and come up with creative thoughts again rather than being stuck in a thinking pattern of what to do next.
Under construction.
Utrecht Central Station 2016. Major construction activities are taking place to prepare the station for the future and perform the necessary maintenance. Do you also take time to maintain your own body and mind? May be you perform yoga, meditation, mindfulness or other ways to reflect and simply be in a moment of stillness to let you body and mind recover from the daily activities and busy world around us.
Which direction?
With the amount of choices and things to do you may find yourself literally lost not knowing what to do, what to select, which next step in your career to take or what you would like to do with your live. What do you do? Just take a turn and hope for the best or ….. take a pause, breath a few times focussing only on the air moving through your nose, your airways in- and out of your lungs and simply observe which ideas pop-up.
Like a glacier has formed layers over thousands of years, humans also form layers around them during the short time they are in existence. Is what you do, how you act and show of yourself to the world also the real you? Most likely the real you is hidden under one or more layers which have been created in the past as defensive shield to protect you from being hurt or to simply survive in difficult situations. Are you ready for the challenge to remove the different layers and show the world what an open, balance, genuine and beautiful person you are?